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Adventurer Sprite.png Adventurer
Totally Balanced
Sex: Female
Pros: None
Cons: None
Unlock: Available at start

The protagonist of Coin Crypt, Adventurer is the most basic and balanced class in the game. She is unlocked from the beginning and is well-suited for beginners. She has no special abilities but also lacks any flaws.

Also known as Connie Montana, she is the only named class in Coin Crypt. An explorer at heart, she is driven to explore the Pacific Island and see everything there is to see.[1]


  • Adventurer is an all-around good character for offense, defense, coin conservation and speed. On the other hand, her lack of strengths make her less powerful in the hands of a veteran.
  • Since Adventurer has no abilites or flaws, she is a good character for learning more about the game without interferences.
  • While playing as Adventurer, it is a good idea to talk to ghosts and experiment with the traits they give. Unlike other characters, Connie will always gain the positive and negative effects from ghost traits.