Archer Sprite.png Archer
Powerful fighter, but only 1 HP
Sex: Female
Pros: Cast speed +33%
Damage +33%
Cons: -9 Max HP
Unlock: Descension

The most frail character in Coin Crypt, the Archer also boasts the most offensive potential. With only 1 Max HP, virtually any attack will outright kill her unless avoided. Archer is well-equipped to avoid attacks, though, as she has +33% faster cast speed and damage. To succeed as Archer, the player must be very cautious and remember to flee battles whenever necessary.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • As with fragile classes like Thief, Archer should focus on obtaining more Vitality Coins early on. Even one Vitality Coin will allow her to survive common 1 Hit coins like the Presidential Pence, Rust Penny, Miner's Coin or Vortex Nickel.
  • Until Archer can raise her max HP, she should avoid obtaining coins that heal or damage her. These coins are useless while she has 1 Max HP and if they are drawn in battle they will replace more useful coins. If Archer opens a chest that only contains such coins, she should abandon them unless she can sell them before the next battle.
  • Archer should take advantage of her increased damage whenever possible. Using stealing coins is not a good idea as they will not kill enemies quickly enough to be avoid their attacks.
  • Shield coins are very valuable for Archer because of their quick cast speed. It is advised to finish every battle with a shield status effect active so that they can carry into the next battle.
  • The Merchant's Crest and Cheetafeet coins can save Archer in a pinch. These coins can be obtained by donating to Frank, but since Frank's other coins have little offensive use, it is not worth donating coins to him.
  • Enemies to watch out for are Lost Kids, CEO, Witches and Undead. All have coins which can spell defeat for Archer in a short amount of time.
    • Lost Kids and CEOs carry offensive coins with no cast time, so a shield is should be raised the moment the battle begins.
    • Undead can poison Archer and drain her health in seconds if they cast a single Venom Shilling. Avoid fighting these enemies whenever possible because they are difficult to kill before they cast their coins.
    • The Witch can cast a poison attack relatively fast and it will likely overwhelm any shields raised in the meantime.
      • That said, it is possible to survive poison if Archer has a shield up before she is poisoned and she quickly draws more shields or a status cure.

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