Assassin Sprite.png Assassin
Damage is boosted, but healing is reduced
Sex: Female
Pros: Damage +30%
Cons: Healing -30%
Unlock: Purchase

Assassin is a straightforward character focused on offense. She specializes in dealing damage at the expense of healing less when using recovery coins. She is often one of the first characters to be unlocked and is slightly more difficult to use than Adventurer.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Since she cannot heal very efficiently, Assassin should focus on defeating enemies as quickly as possible before she takes damage. This will save her more coins in the long run.
  • Unlike other classes focused on offense (i.e. Vampire, Archer, Fairy), Assassin is very flexible. She will usually focus on obtaining offensive coins but can also make use of non-offensive coins.
  • Shield coins are especially useful for the Assassin because they are unaffected by her drawback. If Assassin uses shield coins effectively, she will be forced to heal far less often.
  • Due to rounding, any effect that heals 2 HP is rounded down to one. This makes Rusted Nickels only half as useful, but Aphrodite Chips no less effective.
  • If Assassin can obtain any traits or items that raise her healing by at least 10%, the above rounding effect will be nullified. Amounts larger than 2 HP will still be rounded, however.

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