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Bard Sprite.png Bard
Bigger hands, but damage and healing are weaker
Sex: Other
Pros: +1 stack finding bonus
Draw 1 more coin(s)
Cons: Damage -20%
Healing -20%
Unlock: Purchase

At the expense of other traits, Bard is an excellent character if the player wishes to have more flexibility. With a higher chance of finding stacks and the abilitly to draw more coins per turn, Bard will have more options every turn compared to other characters. Bard can also take more coins from chests, so running out of coins is a much more negated risk.[1]

On the other hand, Bard heals slightly less when using healing coins and has weaker attacks when casting offensive coins. If the player wishes to play well as Bard, they must use every option available to them as well as they can.


  • Coins that steal or drop enemy coins are not affected by Bard's penalties. Neither are shields and status effects, but all still benefit from Bard's increased hand size and stacking bonuses. Frank and Sacagawea are good dieties to donate to for Bard.
  • If the player further increases their stack chance and carefully chooses coins, they can reliably draw stacks to end combat quickly. Ouguiya offers coins that boost stack chance (along with status effect coins) as well as some shop items and a few traits.
  • By donating to Bullion, Bard can obtain many coins that deal 2 or 4 damage. While these are the easiest and most effective coins to stack, they will also empty Bard's coin bag the fastest. This strategy also becomes less reliable if a variety of coins are drawn from chests, so Bard must be aware of that.
  • A single shop item or trait can nullify Bard's attack penalty, leaving the player with slightly better-than-average offense due to the extra coin stacks. The healing penalty is much less important, but can also be fixed with shop items or traits.