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Coin Crypt features 20 playable classes. The player only starts with the Adventurer, but 19 more classes can be unlocked by paying coins after finishing a run or unlocking Secrets. Unlocked characters will walk around on the starting screen and the player can choose a new one by walking over to them.

More information on each can be found on each character on their respective page.


Adventurer.png Archer.png Assassin.png Bard.png
Adventurer Archer Assassin Bard
Coinquistador.png Demon.png Executive.png Fairy.png
Coinquistador Demon Executive Fairy
Ghost.png Gunslinger.png Hermit.png Monkey.png
Ghost Gunslinger Hermit Monkey
Princess.png Professor.png Shroud.png Templar.png
Princess Professor Shroud Templar
Thief.png Vampire.png Witch.png Wizard.png
Thief Vampire Witch Wizard

Sea and Sky DLC[]

Hero.png Gambler.png Warlock.png Knight.png
Hero Gambler Warlock Knight
Duelist.png Necromancer.png 150px
Duelist Necromancer Harlequin



  • At an early stage in development, Coin Crypt had 18 characters. Beta art exists for these and they were all of the current characters minus the Demon and Coinquistador.

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