Coinquistador Sprite.png Coinquistador
Can't heal, restores health at each level start
Sex: Male
Pros: Defense +33%
+5 HP at each level start
Cons: Permenant heal block status
Unlock: Purchase

Coinquistador is a rather unusual class who cannot use most forms of healing. This makes recovering from mistakes very difficult if he is played carelessly. However, he has a 33% resistance to damage and heals 5 HP every time he changes levels. This can make him a surprisingly robust character if played correctly.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Shields are unaffected by Coinquistador's inability to heal. They also benefit from his defense modifier, so a Jade Shield will leave Coinquistador with 1 shield after he takes 4 damage. If Coinquistador stocks up on shield coins whenever possible, he can become a deceptively resilient class.
  • The healing penalty applies to all forms of healing except wishing wells, so they should be saved until a floor is about to be finished. Even then, if Coinquistador has only taken 5 damage, it is better to move to the next floor and take the free heal instead.
  • Traits or items that increase Coinquistador's defense are especially valulable. Another 20% defense bonus will reduce all damage to half and any traits that reduce healing will have no effect. Avoid traits that provide healing for certain coin types as they will not work.
  • Poison is dangerous for Coinquistador, since it ignores defense and causes more damage than individual shield coins can absorb. Carry Angel Charms whenever possible.

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