There are 201 unique coins in Coin Crypt. When beginning the game, the player starts with 6 Red Blades, 2 Blue Crosses and 2 Jade Shields. More coins can be obtained by opening chests, defeating enemies, donating to deities, using certain coins or buying coin bags in shops. Coins can have many effects including damaging enemies, healing the player or stealing coins. Once the player or an enemy runs out of coins, they will be killed.

Coins[edit | edit source]

No. Name Icon Effect Value Cast speed
1 Red Blade Red Blade.png Hit 4 10$ 2
Notes At the start of every game, the player starts with 6 of this coin. They will likely be used up very quickly, so it is a high priority for the player to obtain more from chests.
2 Blue Cross Blue Cross.png Heal 4 10$ 2
Notes In terms of effectiveness, the Jade Shield far outclasses this coin. It prevents the same amount of damage, has twice the cast time and will still be useful if the player has full HP.
3 Jade Shield Jade Shield.png Shield 4 10$ 1
Notes Like the Red Blade, this coin has a power of 9 when used in a stack of 2. It is a good alternative to the Blue Cross due to its faster cast speed.
4 Aztec Penny Aztec Penny.png Hit 2 5$ 1
Notes Despite dealing less damage than the Red Blade, the Aztec Penny is a good alternative. It deals 6 damage when used in a stack of 2, which can outright kill many early enemies.
5 Rusted Nickel Rusted Nickel.png Heal 2 5$ 1
Notes Even if the player is low on HP, the Ancient Dime is much better than this coin. It prevents the same amount of damage and casts instantly.
6 Ancient Dime Ancient Dime.png Shield 2 5$ 0
Notes This coin is more effective than the Rusted Nickel since it is still useful at full HP.
7 Super Blade Super Blade.png Hit 8 30$ 3
Notes The easiest way to obtain this coin is to donate heavily to Bullion. Unlike other high-damaging coins, the Super Blade has few drawbacks other than a below-average cast speed.
8 Super Cross Super Cross.png Heal 8 30$ 3
Notes This is a poor coin to choose since the player will rarely be able to take full advantage of it. And if they are at 2 HP, the below-average cast speed may leave them vulnerable.
9 Super Shield Super Shield.png Shield 8 25$ 2
Notes This powerful coin has twice the value and cast time of a Jade Shield, but is worth slightly more than double.

To take full advantage of this coin's shield, the player should be aggressive and use powerful self-damaging coins.

10 Aphrodite Chip Aphrodite Chip.png Regenerate HP 30$ 2
Notes It is a good idea to use this coin early in the level to take the maximum advantage of the healing it provides. However, if the healing effect carries outside of battle, avoid moving into other rooms. Every time you transition to another room, it will reduce the coin's length by one.
11 Tendril Chip Tendril Chip.png Poison enemy 25$ 2
Notes If an enemy uses this coin on you and the effect carries out of battle, explore as many rooms as possible before entering the next battle. For every room you visit, it will reduce the length of this coin's effect by one.
12 Slip Charm Slip Charm.png Enemy drops coin 10$ 0
Notes While this coin is not in itself very useful, it is worth slightly more than most other early-game coins. If you find a chest full of 5$ and this is the only 10$ coin, it might be best to choose this one for the sole purpose of selling it..
13 Triangle Hex Triangle Hex.png Enemy drops 2 coins 15$ 1
Notes This is a very effective coin if the player wishes to kill sturdy enemies like Armor witout piercing their shield.
14 Snatch Token Snatch Token.png Steal a coin, hit 2 to self 10$ 0
Notes Unless the player has a shield up, this coin's effect may not be worth the damage taken.
15 Copper Hand Copper Hand.png Steal a coin 15$ 1
Notes This coin is worth 5$ more than other early-game coins, so it may be a good idea to pick it if the player wishes to buy lots of items early on.
16 Gold Doubloon Gold Doubloon.png Very Rare 50$ 4
Notes Has the highest growth rate of any coin. Capable of extremely high damage in stacks (1, 8, 52, 357, 2504, 17683).
17 Farmer Piece Farmer Piece.png Hit 6 20$ 2
Notes Thief should be very cautious of this coin because it can kill him in one hit if he has no shield. If the player encounters an enemy with this coin, it is best to run if they cannot kill the enemy before this is cast.
18 Presidential Pence Presidential Pence.png Hit 1 5$ 0
Notes Because of its instant cast time, the Presidential Pence is a deadly coin when used again low-health classes such as Archer
19 Bunny Chip Bunny Chip.png Boost Speed 25$ 2

+100% speed for 8 seconds.

This coin will only affect in-battle speed. If the player wishes to increase their speed outside of battle, they should use a Hermes Token instead.

20 Bear Chip Bear Chip.png Boost Damage 25$ 3
Notes Since this coin increases damage by 100%, it lets the player finish battles much more quickly when combined with offensive coins. Do not be afraid to use this coin despite its high value.
21 Angel Charm Angel Charm.png Heal status 20$ 0
Notes Removes negative status effects. Grants protection from negative statuses when stacked.
22 Devil's Dollar Devil's Dollar.png Null Enemies' Status 15$ 0
Notes Removes positive status effects from enemies.
23 Flame Chip Flame Chip.png Hit 2, Clear Enemy Status 10$ 1
Notes Removes all status effects from target.
24 Bugbite Chip Bugbite Chip.png Hit 2, Heal 1 10$ 1
Notes If the player has a choice of this coin or the Bat Pence, there is little reason to choose the former. Despite being a weaker, faster version of the Bat Pence, this coin has the same stack power.
25 Bat Pence Bat Pence.png Hit 3, heal 2 25$ 2
Notes This coin can be very powerful in the hands of Wizard. If the Wizard uses nothing but this coin, he can continuously heal and deal damage indefinitely.
26 Bisharp Piece Bisharp Piece.png Hit 4, hit 2 to self 10$ 1
Notes At the beginning of the game it is a good idea to donate this coin to the deities. It is worth more than most coins and donating it will prevent the player from having to use it in battle.
27 Ouroboros Token Ouroboros Token.png Hit 7, hit 2 to self 35$ 2
Notes The damage taken from using this coin is more than worth it if the player can end the battle quickly. Stronger classes like Assassin will be able to take full advantage of this coin.

If the player uses an Ancient Dime beforehand, the damage from this coin is completely negated. Since the Ancient Dime has an instant cast speed, no time will be wasted with this setup.

28 Ouroboros Chip Ouroboros Chip.png Heal 7, heal 3 to enemy 35$ 2
Notes The best time to use this coin is at the very start of a battle. The player will heal 7 HP but the enemy will heal none since they have full HP.

This coin heals slightly less than a Super Cross, but casts 50% faster. It also has a slightly higher value despite the drawback.

29 Gopher Dollar Gopher Dollar.png Hit 2 to 6 damage 10$ 2
Notes Since the player will deal an average of 4 damage, this coin is very similar to the Red Blade. The only difference is that the player has a small chance to deal more or less damage.
30 Flamingo Pence Flamingo Pence.png Heal 2 to 6 health 10$ 2
Notes The damaging equivalent of this coin is the Gopher Dollar. Like the Gopher Dollar, this coin is very similar to the player's starting coins, but has a chance to be slightly more or less strong.
31 Volatile Penny Volatile Penny.png 3 hits that do 1to 5 damage 30$ 3
Notes This coin can only be recieved from Kaichin at highest donation level. Each hit's damages are separated
32 Snakebite Charm Snakebite Charm.png Hit 2, enemy drops a coin 10$ 1
Notes The Snakebite Charm is inefficient because it simultaneously targets an opponent's health and coins. If the player wishes to end a battle quickly, they should focus on one or the other instead.
33 Zen Piece Zen Piece.png Trade coins (Give a coin to enemy, take one from them) 15$ 0
Notes When combined with a Bag Trap, the Zen Piece can deal 3 damage for every cast. This is a very dependable tactic, since the Zen Piece has an instant casting time. If you have "Protect coins" status, you won't give coins to enemy, which turns Zen piece into insta-steal coin.
34 Timepiece Chip Timepiece Chip.png Freeze enemy casting 20$ 0
Notes The freezing status only alsts for 3 beats, so it's preferable to cast it during enemy's casting or just before they cast a coin.  Doesn't freeze coins with instant cast time.
35 Rune Token Rune Token.png Hit 2, Slow enemy (-40% Speed) 10$ 1
Notes The slowing status lasts for 3 beats.
36 Crack Token Crack Token.png Hit 2, Lower Enemy Defense (-50% Defense) 10$ 1
Notes When used in large amounts, this coin can be stronger than many others. It synergizes well with itself and is very powerful when used in stacks.
37 Dull Pence Dull Pence.png Hit 2, Lower Enemy Attack 10$ 1
Notes This is a good coin to have the player is a fragile character like Fairy. It has a very fast cast speed and can quickly neutralize the threat of an enemy.
38 Blind Token Blind Token.png Hit 2, Blinds Enemy 10$ 1
Notes This coin is used exclusively by the Prodigy, and can only be obtained by killing one. The blinding effect has a 40% chance to make a cast fail.
39 Bind Charm Bind Charm.png Hit 2, Block enemy healing 10$ 1
Notes While not very useful for the player, this coin can be deadly when casted by a Cardinal. If the player is fighting a Cardinal, they should put up a shield as soon as possible.
40 Heavy Token Heavy Token.png Hit 2, Slow down self 5$ 0
Notes The status of this coin slows down casting by 25% for 4 beats. If the player wishes to use it, it may be best to use it on the final enemy of the floor to migitate the slowing effect.
41 Quicksnatch Quicksnatch.png Steal a coin, Slow down 10$ 0
Notes The status of this coin slows the player's casting by 25%. Since this coin has an instant casting time, it synergizes well with itself and is effective in stacks.
42 Charm Token Charm Token.png Hit 2, Speed up 10$ 1
Notes Despite hitting for 2 damage and altering the player's speed, this coin is not given by Ouguiya. It synergizes well with itself since repeated uses will let the player attack more quickly.
43 Quickhand Charm Quickhand Charm.png Steal, Speed up 10$ 1
Notes Since this coin lets the player steal coins very quickly, it is fantastic for fighting sturdy enemies.
44 Pow Token Pow Token.png Hit 2, Power up 10$ 1
Notes The status raises the player's damage by 50% damage for 4 beats.
45 Magic Token Magic Token.png Heal 2, Speed up 10$ 1
Notes After using this coin, the player's speed will be raised by 50% for 4 beats.
46 Stack Charm Stack Charm.png Hit 2, Increase Stack Chance 10$ 1
Notes This coins's status raises stack chance by +2. Does good amount of damage when stacked.
47 Protect Juju Protect Juju.png Shield 3, speed up 10$ 1
Notes The status of this coin raises the player's speed by 50% speed for 4 beats.
48 Chastity Charm Chastity Charm.png Hit 2, block enemy status 10$ 1
Notes When casted, this coin deals 2 damage and prevents enemies from gaining positive statuses. It is identical to the Demon Wing but deals 2 damage and does not remove existing statuses. The block status also has a shorter duration and longer casting time.
49 Prankster Charm Prankster Charm.png Hit 2, Block Redraw 10$ 1
Notes For four beats, this coin will prevent the player from redrawing. When used by the player, it is identical to the Aztec Penny but with a weaker stack power.
50 Claw Token Claw Token.png Hit 2, Steal on hit 10$ 1
Notes Grants steal on hit status for 4 seconds. Since this coin has a fast cast speed, it synergizes well with itself.
51 Return Charm Return Charm.png Hit 2, Return 2 copies of next coin 20$ 1
Notes This coin is functionally identical to the Return Penny, but deals 2 damage.
52 Root Pence Root Pence.png Hit 2, Power Up Statuses 20$ 1
Notes While identical to the Aztec Penny, the Root Pence can make status effects 50% more powerful for 5 beats. It has a much lower stack power than the Aztec Penny, so it is a poor coin to use in stacks.
53 Viper Token Viper Token.png Slightly Boost damage 15$ 1
Notes Contrary to this coin's description, the damage boost is quite large, granting 50% extra damage for 8 beats. With this damage boost, enemies with 6 HP can be killed with a single Hit 4 coin.
54 Incan Penny Incan Penny.png Hit 1 twice 5$ 1
Notes This coin triggers attack effects on every hit, such as steal on hit. This means the player can steal 2 coins in 1 beat when casting this coin.
55 Columbia Dime Columbia Dime.png Hit 1 thrice 10$ 1
Notes The Columbia Dime triggers a player's attack effects for every individual hit, which means the player can steal 3 coins in 1 beat when casting this coin.
56 Hunger Hand Hunger Hand.png Steal 2, lower defense 25$ 1
Notes It is a good idea to use this coin at the end of floors because moving to the next floor will cancel the -25% defense status.
57 Darkhand Chip Darkhand Chip.png Steal 2 coins 35$ 2
Notes This valulable coin can only be found by donating heavily to Frank
58 Joker Token Joker Token.png Reverse Heal and Hurt 40$ 3
Notes Anything that damages the user now heals them. Anything that heals the user now damages them. Two of the status will reverse healing and damage back to normal.

If the player has a quickslot, the Joker Token is one of the best coins to put in it. It can save the player from the brink of death and allow them to survive very powerful attacks, such as the Explosion Chip used by Grandma.

59 Bramble Piece Bramble Piece.png Hit 4 to self -10$ 1
Notes For the Demon, this coin will be worth 10$. If you encounter an enemy that forces these onto you, allow them to do so to gain more money.
60 Corruption Dollar Corruption Dollar.png Give 3 cursed coins to enemy 20$ 2
Notes Gives the enemy 3 Bramble Pieces. If the player uses this coin on an enemy, the enemy will drop bramble pieces after the battle. Because of this, it is advisable to sell or donate this coin right after it is obtained.
61 The Mighty Beard The Mighty Beard.png Boost Damage and Shield 30$ 3
Notes The attack increase is 67% for 10 beats and the shield status is 5 for 10 beats.
62 Cheetahfeet Cheetahfeet.png Escape Battle with no loss 30$ 1
Notes Normally, the player will loose all held coins when running from battle. If the player has many valuable coins in their hand and needs to flee, that is the best opportunity to use this coin. For this reason, this coin is slightly more useful for characters like Bard with large hands.
63 Icarus Penny Icarus Penny.png Heal 8, Lower Defense 20$ 2
Notes As with many negative status coins, the Icarus Penny is best used at the end of a floor. The player will regain the 8 health and will loose the defense status on the next floor.
64 Rat's Nest Rat's Nest.png Enemy Drops 3 Coins 40$ 2
Notes This deadly coin can very quickly drain the player's coin bag, so they should focus on killing enemies wielding it as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, if the player uses an Irongrip Pence, the dropping effect will be negated.

65 USA Quarter USA Quarter.png Hit 4, Drop a coin 15$ 1
Notes Despite having a quick cast time, this coin is normally not worth using. The drawback of dropping a coin will quickly deplete the player's supply of coins if this coin is used often.
66 Blueflame Coin Blueflame Coin.png Heal 10, Drop a coin 20$ 3
Notes Because of the drawback and slow cast time, this is a very poor coin to use for healing. In addition, if the player has 10 max HP or less, they will never be able to take full advantage of this coin.
67 Gambler's Chip Gambler's Chip.png Hit or heal 4 10$ 2
Notes The hit applies to the enemy and the heal applies to the user. This coin may fail half of the time, however.
68 Carpenter Piece Carpenter Piece.png Hit 8, slow self 20$ 2
Notes If the player can kill the last enemy on the floor with this coin, the slowing effect is completely arbitrary. Upon moving to the next floor, the status effect will be lost.
69 Armor Token Armor Token.png Shield 8, slow self 20$ 1
Notes It is safe for the player to use this coin near the end of the floor's last battle, since the slow status effect will be lost on the next floor.
70 Fortress Dollar Fortress Dollar.png Shield 20, Drop 2 coins 50$ 2
Notes If the player has many high-value coins in their inventory they do not want to drop, it may be best to sell this coin instead.
71 Briar Charm Briar Charm.png Hit 1 when hurt 20$ 2
Notes Gives status for 8 beats. If holder is posioned, enemy will also get hit for every posion tick.
72 Venom Shilling Venom Shilling.png Hit 1, poison enemy 10$ 1
Notes This is an incredibly deadly coin when wielded by an Undead. If multiple are used on the player, the poison effect will be stacked. Since poison pierces shields and ignores defense boosts, it is a good idea to carry status coins or avoid these attacks entirely.
73 Scorpion Nickel Scorpion Nickel.png Hit 1, Heavily poison enemy 20$ 1
Notes This coin has twice the value of a Venom Shilling and five times the effectiveness, but only a third of the length. For this reason, it is far more powerful when combined with a Terra Firma Nummus.
74 Hermes Token Hermes Token.png Boost Overworld Speed 20$ 1
Notes +50% run speed for 12 seconds. This coin is useful for Ghost because it will let it outpace the coin loss on the overworld.
75 Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts.png Boost Power of Stacks 15$ 2
Notes Give exclusively by Ouguiya after donating small amounts, this coin synergizes well with many of her coins. It can even stack with itself and increase its own stack power.
76 Ruby Piece Ruby Piece.png Boost Damage 80$ 4
Notes Because of its high value and slow cast speed, this coin is best sold or donated as soon as it is obtained. If the player drops it due to enemies, negative traits or greedy spirits, they will loose a very valulable coin.
77 Sapphire Shield Sapphire Shield.png Regenerate HP 80$ 4
Notes Oddly enough, while the Sapphire Shield is part of the octagon set (coins 76 - 79), it is not the shielding coin. It is the regenerative coin, with the Emerald Token being responsible for shielding.
78 Emerald Token Emerald Token.png Shield 8 80$ 4
Notes A stack of 2 Jade Shields is be more powerful than this coin, so it is best sold instead of spent.
79 Shine Penny Shine Penny.png Steal 4 coins 90$ 4
Notes This incredibly-valulable coin is best sold or donated as soon as it is obtained. If the player uses it, the combined value of the stolen coins will usually be less than $90.
80 Dark Mist Piece Dark Mist Piece.png Enemy attacks may fail 20$ 3
Notes While the status is active, coins casted by the enemy will have a 40% chance of failing. If this coin is used on the player, healing their status with an Angel Charm should be a high priority.
81 Void Coin Void Coin.png Make enemy attacks fail 35$ 3
Notes This coin can only be obtained from Ouguiya by donating a large amount of coins. Unlike the Dark Mist Piece, enemy coins are guarenteed to fail while the status is active.
82 Cursed Cross Cursed Cross.png Block Healing 15$ 2
Notes A better alternative to this coin is the Bind Charm, which has a faster cast speed and deals 2 damage in addition to the status.
83 Thief Pot Thief Pot.png Pick up coins used on you 35$ 3
Notes Unless the enemy has very high-value offensive coins, the below-average cast time of this coin may not be worth the risk.
84 Hoarder's Pence Hoarder's Pence.png Boost chance of stacks 20$ 2
Notes This coin synergizes well with those given by Ouguiya, and can be obtained from her after donating a large amount.
85 Divine Hand Divine Hand.png Increase hand size temporarily 20$ 2
Notes If the player has a hand size of 5 from positive traits or items, this coin will have no effect. It is useful, however, if the player has a hand size of 4 or less.
86 Recycle Token Recycle Token.png Boost Redraw Speed 25$ 0
Notes If the player has many useless or otherwise valuable coins, this coin can help them avoid casting those. It has no effect for Gunslinger or Professor and barely any effect for Monkey.
87 Vector Chip Vector Chip.png Swap statuses with enemy 15$ 1
Notes This is a good coin to have when fighting the normally dangerous Undead. If the player gains several poison statuses, they can give them to their enemy instead.
88 Mirror Chip Mirror Chip.png Reflect a coin 20$ 1
Notes Enemy's coin will cast back on enemy. Status lasts for 3 beats.
89 Ruby Chip Ruby Chip.png Hit 2 20$ 1
Notes This coin is identical to the Aztec Penny, but is worth four times as much. For this reason, it should be sold or donated instead of used.
90 Emerald Chip Emerald Chip.png Shield 2 20$ 0
Notes This coin has the same effect as an Ancient Dime but four times the value. It should be sold or donated rather than sold.
91 Rust Penny Rust Penny.png Hit 1 5$ 1
Notes While this coin may seem identical to the Presidential Pence, it has a cast time that is one beat longer. Since the player can deal twice the damage in the same time with an Aztec Penny, this coin is nearly useless.
92 Grunge Shield Grunge Shield.png Shield 1 5$ 1
Notes This coin is far outclassed by both the Jade Shield and Ancient Dime. It only shields half as much damage as an Ancient Dime, but has a slower casting time. In addition, the shield effect is four times weaker than that of the Jade Shield.
93 Shadow Claw Shadow Claw.png Give a -HP Coin 5$ 2
Notes If the player uses this on an enemy, they will gain the Enervation Chip after killing them. For this reason, the player should sell or donate this coin as soon as possible.
94 Charity Piece Charity Piece.png Give enemy a coin -10$ 0
Notes If the player's coin bag is full of cursed coins like the Bramble Piece, this may be a good coin to use.
95 Tick-tock Token Tick-tock Token.png Hit 15 after time 35$ 0
Notes Gives enemy a status that deals 15 damage after 6 seconds.
96 Explosion Chip Explosion Chip.png Hit 20 40$ 4
Notes This coin is wielded exclusively by Grandmas. It can easily kill a shielded player from full health, so the player should flee if they cannot kill the Grandma in time.

Alternatively, they can use a Mirror Chip or Joker Token to avoid the damage. Stealing the coin while a Grandma is casting it will also work.

97 Cursed Shield Cursed Shield.png Lowers Enemy's defense 30$ 2
Notes This coin synergizes well with aggressive characters like Assassin and is especially deadly when used by the Captain enemy.
98 Angel Wing Angel Wing.png Protects status 30$ 1
Notes This coin heals the player of their negative statuses and prevents them from gaining more. Its offensive counterpart is the Demon Wing.
99 Demon Wing Demon Wing.png Blocks enemy status 30$ 1
Notes The offensive counterpart of the Angel Wing, this removes the enemy's positive statuses and keeps them from earning more.
100 The Lion's Spirit The Lion's Spirit.png Boost Damage And Speed 35$ 3
Notes This is an excellent coin for either using or selling. It has an above-average value, raises damage by 100% and speed by 50% for 8 beats each.
101 Witch's Charm Witch's Charm.png Poisons everyone 15$ 2
Notes When casted, both the enemy and player are poisoned. The player can avoid the poison effect using an Angel Wing or Angel Charm.

Alternatively, the player can sell or donate the coin to avoid using it.

102 Irongrip Pence Irongrip Pence.png Protects Coins 30$ 2
Notes Prevents coins from being stolen or dropped. One status could protect 5-6 coins before running out. 

This coin is very effective for characters who naturally drop coins such as Ghost or Princess.

103 Merchant's Crest Merchant's Crest.png Converts damage to dropped coins 25$ 2
Notes The player drops one coin for every 2 damage taken. The player is temporarily invulnerable when this is combined with the Irongrip Pence.
104 Terra Firma Nummus Terra Firma Nummus.png Lenghten Status Effects 25$ 0
Notes For 6 beats, any good statuses the player gains will last 75% longer.
105 Flamma Nummus Flamma Nummus.png Power up status effects 25$ 2
Notes While this coin's status is active, status effects will be 50% more powerful for 9 beats.
106 Miner's Coin Miner's Coin.png Hit 1, disregards shields and stats 10$ 0
Notes Damage cannot be boosted or lowered by any means. This attack hits through shields.
107 Heavy Chip Heavy Chip.png More damage at lower target HP 20$ 2
108 Struggle Chip Struggle Chip.png Hits 10 minus current HP 20$ 1
Notes Since Archer has 1 max HP, this coin usually deals 12 damage when used by her. It has no effect if the user has 10 HP.
109 Split Piece Split Piece.png Averages the target and users' HP 20$ 2
Notes Adds the target and player's health together and divides them by 2. If the player uses this on a boss with full HP, it will nearly halve the bosses' health.
110 Vigor Chip Vigor Chip.png Hit Equals User HP 20$ 2
Notes If the player can obtain HP-raising traits or the Mega Ecto's Gold Band, this coin will deal even more damage.
111 Capitalist Punishment Capitalist Punishment.png Does 1 damage per 100$ in your bag, drop 2 coins. 25$ 2
Notes The enemy will be healed if the value of the player's bag is negative.
112 Power Piece Power Piece.png Boosts Everyone's Damage 20$ 0
Notes This coin increases the user and opponent's damage by 100% for 10 turns. If the enemy only uses non-offensive coins (such as an Apprentice) this effect will only benefit the player.
113 Knight's Crest Knight's Crest.png Hit and shield 4 25$ 2
Notes This coin has the combined effect of a Red Blade and Jade Shield, but $5 more value and a cast time 1 beat shorter. It is only obtained by donating enormous amounts of coins to Bullion. The non-offensive equivalent is a Moss Piece.
114 Moss Piece Moss Piece.png Heal and shield 4 25$ 2
Notes This coin is the defensive equivalent to the Knight's Crest. Instead of combining a Red Blade and Jade Shield, this coin combines a Blue Cross and Jade Shield. Similarly, it has $5 more value than the sum of its parts and casts 1 beat more quickly.
115 Gamble Piece Gamble Piece.png Hit 8, or 2. 15$ 2
Notes Casting this coin is well worth the risk, since it has the same cast time as a Red Blade but will deal an average of 6 damage.
116 Eternity Penny Eternity Penny.png Hit 4, Drop a different Coin 25$ 2

Removes one other coin from your bag and replaces it with this one.

This coin is excellent for the Hermit because it will allow him to simultaneously deal damage and keep his coin bag light. Downside -  rather bad damage at stacks.

117 Infinity Peso Infinity Peso.png Heal 4, Drop a different Coin 25$ 2
Notes Removes one other coin from your bag and replaces it with this one.

If you have the Bag Trap, this is a very powerful coin. It will let you continually heal while dealing 3 damage to the enemy. The Witch further emphasizes this effect, dealing 6 damage and healing 8.

Downside -  rather bad healing at stacks.

118 Splitsharp Piece Splitsharp Piece.png Hit 3, Get back 2 of this coin 5$ 2
Notes Less powerful than the Red Blade, but will create more copies of itself. Note that due to the (hidden trait) stack value of this coin being among the lowest in the game, casting stacks of this coin will REDUCE the overall damage, and should be avoided. Best used only in emergencies, for donating, or with classes that will drop the excess coins.
119 Meiosis Charm Meiosis Charm.png Heal 6, Get back 2 of this coin, block healing 5$ 2
Notes If an enemy steals and uses these coins, it will heal them but not duplicate. The player should take advantage of this to heal themselves or prepare for the next battle.
120 Cursed Crescent Cursed Crescent.png Hit 10, gain cursed coin 20$ 3
Notes If the player has quick redraw speed or a large hand, the Fullmoon Curse gained will be less harmful.
121 Gibbous Hex Gibbous Hex.png Heal 10, Gain cursed coin 20$ 3
Notes Like many other Heal 10 coins, the player will rarely be able to take full advantage of this coin. Combined with the Fullmoon Curse gained, selling this coin may be better than using it.
122 Half-Moon Jinx Half-Moon Jinx.png Shield 10, Gain cursed coin 20$ 3
Notes There are few coins in the game which can Shield 10, so the Fullmoon Curse gained is well worth it.
123 Fullmoon Curse Fullmoon Curse.png Hit 4 to self -10$ 1
Notes This coin is identical to the Bramble Charm, but can only be obtained by using a Gibbous Hex, Half-Moon Jinx or Fullmoon Curse.
124 Coal Slab Coal Slab.png Hit 3 to self, Gain powerful coin -10$ 1
Notes When used, the player gains a Diamond Chip. The damage can be avoided if the player is Shielded or uses a Joker Token. In fact, these are the only ways to obtain the Diamond Chip while playing as Archer.
125 Diamond Chip Diamond Chip.png Hit 10 35$ 1
Notes This coin can only be obtained by casting a Coal Slab. It is the fastest high-damaging coin in the game and has no drawbacks when used.
126 Vortex Nickel Vortex Nickel.png Hit 1, Goes to enemy Deck 10$ 0
Notes For aggressive characters such as CEO, this coin lets them deal many quick hits. It can be earned back by killing the foe.
127 Eternity Hex Eternity Hex.png Hit 5, return to the bag and give curse coin. 25$ 2
Notes If the player has a trait that raises damage but causes them to drop coins, this is a good offensive choice. The high damage will defeat some enemies in one hit and the Bramble Piece will eventually be dropped.
128 Mance Crystal Mance Crystal.png Next coin casts Instantly 20$ 0
Notes To gain the full advantage of this coin, the player should use it on a coin that normally casts slowly, such as a Super Blade or Joker Token.
129 Megamancer Shard Megamancer Shard.png Brief, Dramatic Speed boost 35$ 2
Notes By donating heavily to Ouguiya, the player can obtain this coin. It raises speed by 700% for 3 beats, so to take full advantage the player should cast strong but slow coins while the status is active.
130 Frenzy Bear Charm Frenzy Bear Charm.png Brief, Dramatic Damage boost 30$ 2
Notes While active, this coin raises damage by 330% for 3 beats. This is enough to make two Aztec Pennies outright kill most enemies with or without damage traits.
131 Fused Coins Fused Coins.png Next coin gets used twice 15$ 1
Notes This coin can be stacked with itself to increase the strength of the effect. If used twice, the next coin will have x4 power, then x6 power, and so on.
132 King's Coin King's Coin.png Hit 2 To self, Triple-use Next coin 15$ 1
Notes Obtained by donating to Kaichin, this coin is a stronger, riskier version of the Fused Coin. It casts twice as slowly and deals damage to the user, but triples the effect of the next coin or stack casted.

It is one of the few coins with negative stack power, so it will deal slightly less damage to the user when casted in stacks.

133 Blood Rune Blood Rune.png Hit 2 to self, big damage boost 15$ 0
Notes Like many other Hit 2 to self coins, the Blood Rune has negative stack power so it will deal less damage to the user in stacks. The damage boost gained lasts for 5 beats and raises damage by 100%.
134 Ancient Hex Ancient Hex.png Hit 2 to self, big speed boost 15$ 0
Notes When used, this coin grants the user a speed boost of 500% for 1 beat. Similarly to the Blood Rune and King's Coin, this coin has negative stack power so it deals less damage to the player in stacks.
135 Smorgaiscoin Smorgaiscoin.png Use all coins in hand 15$ 0
Notes When used, the player simultaneously casts every coin in their hand. This effect synergizes well with Bard since he has a large hand size.
136 Coinucopia Coinucopia.png Briefly boost hand size 20$ 0
Notes For 1 beat, this coin lets the player draw 2 more coins per redraw. Because of the short duration, this coin is best used with quick-casting coins like the Presidential Pence or Heavy Token. Otherwise, the player can only draw one hand before the effect expires.
137 Return Penny Return Penny.png Return 2 copies of next used coin 20$ 1
Notes This coin can be used to duplicate any other coin. As long as the player continues duplicating Return Pennies, they can continue replicating any coin in their inventory.
138 Reaper Dime Reaper Dime.png Give back 2 spent or dropped coins 25$ 1
139 Gold Droplet Gold Droplet.png Enemy drops a coin, gain gold 5$ 2
Notes Gives you a Gold Doubloon.

It is a good idea to use this on enemies which primarily shield or heal themselves.

140 X-Pence X-Pence.png Nullify Next coin that hits you 20$ 0
Notes Completely ignore all effects of the next coin the enemy uses on you.
141 Chipped Coin Chipped Coin.png Cancel enemy's casting coin, power down 20$ 0
142 Vacuum Chip Vacuum Chip.png Steal an enemy's Casting coin, defense down 30$ 0
143 Shadow Dollar Shadow Dollar.png Steal coin, Shield 4 25$ 1
144 Thief Charm Thief Charm.png Steal coins on hit 35$ 2
Notes This coin is very effective when combine with multi-hit coins like like the Incan Penny. For every hit of an Incan Penny, another coin will be stolen.
145 Cursed Crown Cursed Crown.png Enemy continuously drops coins 40$ 3
Notes Cursed Crowns are very rare, so they are best saved for bosses or lengthy battles.
146 Goodluck Token Goodluck Token.png Heal 1, or 3 if dropped 5$ 1
Notes Heals by 1 if used, but by 3 if it's dropped.
147 Grip Penny Grip Penny.png Hit 3, Draws often 10$ 2
148 Grip Cross Grip Cross.png Heal 3, Draws often 10$ 2
149 Grip Shield Grip Shield.png Shield 3, Draws often 10$ 1
150 Strike Star Strike Star.png Hit 7, Draws Rarely 25$ 2
Notes While playing as quick-redrawing characters like Monkey or Professor, the rare draw chance of this coin is negligible. Likewise, having a large hand will make this coin draw more reliably.
151 Comet Cross Comet Cross.png Heal 7, Draws Rarely 25$ 2
152 Temptation Coin Temptation Coin.png Hit 3, heal 3, valuable to deities 10$ 2
Notes Worth 40$ to deities instead of 10$
153 Pinata Penny Pinata Penny.png Get Random Assortment of coins 20$ 1
Notes Gives you several Aztec pennies and Rusted nickels.
154 Blade Puzzle Blade Puzzle.png Hit 1 for each held 10$ 2
Notes If this coin is duplicated with a Return Penny, it becomes far more effective since the player will be carrying more. Theoretically, the player could deal as much damage as they'd like in a single hit granted they have lots of these coins.
155 Cross Puzzle Cross Puzzle.png Heal 1 for each held 10$ 2
156 Shield Puzzle Shield Puzzle.png Shield 1 for each held 10$ 1
157 Hand Puzzle Hand Puzzle.png Steal For each held 30$ 3
158 Super Blade Puzzle Super Blade Puzzle.png Hit 2 for each held 30$ 3
159 Super Cross Puzzle Super Cross Puzzle.png Heal 2 For each Held 30$ 3
160 Link Puzzle Link Puzzle.png Counts as 1/2 for other coins 10$ 1
Notes Is treated as 1/2 of all other puzzle coins for their bonuses.
161 Dragon Yuan Dragon Yuan.png Hit 2, damage and speed up 20$ 1
Notes Only available from Golem enemy. Due to status, the Golem must either have its status cleared or be stolen from to obtain this coin.
162 Curse Eye Curse Eye.png Hit 2, Enemy continuously drops coins, poisons 15$ 1
Notes Only found from the Coineye enemy.
163 Melt Charm Melt Charm.png Enemy drops 3 coins, slows 30$ 2
Notes Only found from the Smelter enemy.
164 DarkFlame Ring DarkFlame Ring.png Give 6 coins, take 3 5$ 0
Notes Only found from the Corruptor enemy.
165 Figurehead Penny Figurehead Penny.png Rare 20$ 1
Notes While this coin can be found often in Crypt chests, picking other 20$ coins is often a better alternative. This coin has no effect when cast and has the same value as many more useful coins.
166 Igueagle Coin Igueagle Coin.png A collector's item 60$ 1
Notes Of all the effectless coins in the game, the Igueagle Coin has the highest value. It depicts the hybrid of an eagle and iguana, a nonsense creature exclusive to Coin Crypt.
167 Key Coin Key Coin.png Unlocks Stuff 50$ 3
Notes Unlocks locked tiles and secret areas in the overworld. Worth 100$ to deities.

When playing as a character like Ghost who regularly drops coins, it is a good idea to use these as soon as possible before they are dropped.

Using this coin on a Fake Chest enemy instantly defeats it, and adds multiple Gold Doubloons to its loot drop (unconfirmed for other chest enemies).

168 Fleetfoot Token Fleetfoot Token.png +Run Speed for each held, Draws often 10$ 0
Notes Hits for 1 damage.
169 Vitality Coin Vitality Coin.png +1 Max HP for each Held, Draws Often 10$ 1
170 Puissapence Puissapence.png +8% attack damage for each Held, Draws Often 10$ 1
171 Caster's Coin Caster's Coin.png +5% Cast Speed for each held, Draws Often 10$ 1
172 Magic Bag Charm Magic Bag Charm.png + 8% Redraw speed of each held. 10$ 1
173 Chocolate Coin Chocolate Coin.png +2 Max HP for each held, Melts in bag 20$ 1
Notes Automatically dropped after a set time.
174 Peppermint Dime Peppermint Dime.png +15% Damage for each held, Melts in bag 20$ 1
Notes Automatically dropped after a set time.
175 Reanimation Pence Reanimation Pence.png Restores from death when in hand 60$ 1
176 Enervation Chip Enervation Chip.png -1 HP for each held -10 1
Notes If the player is using a character that naturally drops coins like Witch, this coin becomes much less of a lasting issue. Do not worry about donating this coin to deities or selling it in that case.
177 Ass Penny Ass Penny.png Weighs down holder, use to give 15$ 1
178 Cryptcoin Cryptcoin.png Unpredictable Value Value Changes Each floor 1
Notes This coin is a reference to real-life cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoin. Because these currencies are very new, they are prone to frequent fluctuations in exchange rate.
179 Copyring Copyring.png Copies last used coin 15$ 0
180 Grabbag Coin Grabbag Coin.png Copies a random coin from your bag 10$ 0
181 Chaos Chip Chaos Chip.png Copies a random coin 10$ 0
182 Gergcoin Gergcoin.png Preferred by some shopkeepers 40$ 1
Notes A reference to Greg Lobanov, the programmer and lead designer of Coin Crypt.

The misspelling is intentional.

183 Katcoin Katcoin.png Preferred by some shopkeepers 40$ 1
Notes This coin references Kat Angeloni, the composer for Coin Crypt's soundtrack.
184 Tylercoin Tylercoin.png Preferred by some shopkeepers 40$ 1
Notes The Tylercoin is a direct reference to Tyler Myers, the artist for Coin Crypt.
185 Nature Rune Nature Rune.png Hit 8 after time 20$ 0
Notes Puts a status on the enemy that deals 8 damage after 4 seconds.
186 Mancer's Snatch Mancer's Snatch.png Cancel and use enemy's casting coin, slow self 25$ 0
187 Idol Fist Idol Fist.png Hit 8, clear Status 40$ 3
188 ShadowFlame Rune ShadowFlame Rune.png Hit 2, power up damage and status 20$ 2
Notes Only found from the Shadomega boss.
189 Tycoon Boot Tycoon Boot.png Hit 6, lower defense 10$ 1
190 Queen's Crown Queen's Crown.png Lower defense and damage 40$ 3
191 Thief's Curse Thief's Curse.png Continuously steal coins 50$ 2
192 Sorceress Crest Sorceress Crest.png Get poison body status 25$ 2
193 Punish Coin Punish Coin.png Hit 2, Clear status 15$ 1
194 Coin of Bullion Coin of Bullion.png Hit, Heal, and Shield 5 50$ 2
195 Coin of Sacagawea Coin of Sacagawea.png Sap enemy HP and regenerate 50$ 2
196 Coin of Ouguiya Coin of Ouguiya.png Slow enemy, speed self 50$ 2
197 Coin of Kaichin Coin of Kaichin.png Lower defense, boost damage 50$ 2
198 Coin of Loonie Coin of Loonie.png Give 2 -HP coins 50$ 1
199 Coin of Frank Coin of Frank.png Steal 3 coins 50$ 2
200 Holy Coin Holy Coin.png Hit 2 to self, pleases Gods 0$ 2
201 Forbidden Coin Forbidden Coin.png Hit 10, anger Gods -20$ 3
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