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Executive Sprite.png Executive
Steals on hit, but weaker
Sex: Female
Pros: Permanent steal on hit status
Take +50% loot from enemies
Chests drop +20% loot
Cons: Damage -50%
Unlock: Purchase

The Executive gets both an advantage and major disadvantage in offense: She heals only half damage when attacking, but steals a coin every time she hits. She also gets 50% more coins at the end of each battle and can find 20% more coins in chests, which help offset the additional coins she will be using.

Despite her damage penalty, her playstyle is very offensive and she will often take offensive coins instead of redundant stealing coins.[1]


  • Executive's primary strategy for ending fights is to deplete the enemy's coin bag with many weak hits. Killing enemies via HP is possible, but very difficult. Because of this, Executive's bonus loot at the end of the battle rarely comes into play.
  • Executive's stealing effect takes effect for every hit, so weak coins which cast quickly are preferable to slower, stronger coins.
    • Multi-hit coins like the Incan Penny and Columbia Dime work very well for this purpose because they allow stealing 2 or 3 coins in a single beat. Miner's Coins are good as well, since they will steal regardless of how shielded the enemy is.
  • Executive cannot steal an enemy's last coin once they start casting it, so she should always have healing or shielding coins on-hand. Coins that cancel casting like X-Pence, Chipped Coins, Vacuum Chips and Mancer's Snatch work as well.
  • Steal-on-hit stacks with itself so if the effect can be doubled via traits or items, Executive can easily empty the bags of most enemies before they finish casting their first coin.
  • Executive should not take any traits that heal her upon stealing coins. These effects do not trigger from steal-on-hit.