Fairy Sprite.png Fairy
Runs fast, casts fast, dies fast
Sex: Female
Pros: Run speed +33%
Cast speed +33%
Cons: Defense -100%
Unlock: Purchase

Fairy is a class which is focused on speed to the detriment of durability. She is better at avoiding combat than other classes and is more likely to finish off enemies before they can cast a single coin. On the other hand, every hit she takes becomes a serious problem for her.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Whenever possible, Fairy should use her speed to access chests and finish the level without confronting enemies. Enemies can be evaded by leading them to one side of a room, then running around around them or using walls to obstruct them.
  • In combat, Fairy should focus on being offensive and ending battles as soon as possible with strong, slow coins. If the player takes an extra hit while casting a shield coin, they will be worse off than before.
    • Not to mention, Fairy's defensive penalty applies to shields as well. If Fairy casts a Jade Shield and takes 2 damage, it will break the shield.
  • Once found, coins which cancel casting such as the Chipped Coin are extremely valuable. Joker Tokens are helpful as well, as they will heal Fairy for twice the damage she would have taken. These coins should be taken at every chance possible and used often.
  • Never cast coins which deal damage to yourself. This penalty will be doubled and it cannot be afforded!
  • Traits which increase speed, offense or choices available are the most useful for Fairy. Kaichin and Sacagawea should not be donated to, but Frank and Ouguiya are good choices. The former give risky, defensive coins while the latter offer coins that cancel enemy casting.

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