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Gambler Sprite.png Gambler
Sex: Male
Pros: +99 Stack finding bonus
Cons: -2 Max HP
Chests drop -15% less loot.
Take 2 damage when more than 1 coin recycled
Unlock: Cashmaster

The Gambler’s stack-drawing abilities are pumped up to ludicrous levels, which means that basically any time his coins have duplicates in his bag, they’ll be cast in stacks.

Developer's description [1][edit | edit source]

A mustachioed millionaire, the Gambler runs a company that competes with the Executive but in his spare time partakes in a not-so-secret vice of… you guessed it, gambling. There are rumors circulating around that the two once were an item, and the Gambler’s been desperate to win back the Executive’s affection, but: you can’t believe everything you hear, can you? Regardless of his feelings for the shrewd businesswoman, it’s his love of high stakes and his penchant for good luck that gave him great success in business. But on the island his luck may finally run out.

Double-edged ability gives him consistent and stunning bursts of power, but also means his finances are at constant risk as he’ll frequently overdo things. Combined with the fact that his loot-finding is already slightly nerfed, you’ll want to control his power by taking as large a variety of coins as possible. His game in the early levels is especially challenging, but if you can claw through the early ranks and get enough loot to be self-sufficient he’s one of the most rewarding late game characters, throwing out game-breaking numbers left and right. 

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