Coin Crypt Wiki
Ghost Sprite.png Ghost
Gets more loot and stacks, but drops coins
Sex: Other
Pros: +1 stack finding bonus
Take +100% loot from enemies
Chests drop +80% loot
Cons: Permenant coin drop status
Unlock: Purchase

One of the most chaotic characters in Coin Crypt, Ghost constantly drops coins both in and outside of battle. However, Ghost offsets this coin loss by getting double the coins from enemies and 80% more coins from chests. The Ghost can also kill enemies slightly more quickly by drawing large stacks of coins more often in battle. In order to play effectively, Ghost must be quick to move and fast to react.[1]


  • For Ghost, the most defining aspect of play is efficient movement between battles. To minimize coin loss, Ghost should always be moving towards enemies, chests or the exit. Avoiding combat will cost Ghost more coins than could be saved and backtracking will waste precious time. Oftentimes, it is more advantageous to move to the next floor instead of returning for missed coins.
  • However, Ghost should avoid moving to the next stage if its coin count is still rising. Any coins still falling into the Coin Bag will be lost.
  • Overworld speed is a godsend for Ghost. Obtain Rubber Soles as soon as possible and cast Hermes Tokens if they are available. In-battle speed is also important, so avoid casting coins like Armor Tokens or Chipped Coins.
  • Coins like the Irongrip Pence and Goodluck Token will greatly benefit Ghost. The Irongrip Pence will buy Ghost some more time and the Goodluck Token will give Ghost some passive healing.
  • Deities are easy to appease and locked rooms are easy to open for Ghost. For every Key COin or Gold Dubloon found, the ghost will gain two.
  • Aggressive play is encouraged but not absolutely necessary for Ghost. Oftentimes, Ghost will drop two to three coins in battle and the coin bonus at the end of battle will negate that. Take your time and avoid making hasty mistakes like casting a stack of Bisharp Pieces.
  • Negative ghost traits that decrease the level time limit or cause Ghost to drop coins are less detrimental to Ghost. -100% Level time limit is already the lowest possible and Ghost will already be employing strategies to cope with coin loss.
  • Stealing coins from enemies is unadvised while playing as Ghost, since Ghost will only be getting half the coins that would have dropped at the end of battle. For this reason, it is a poor idea to donate to Frank.