Gunslinger Sprite.png Gunslinger
Casts faster, but can't stack coins or re-draw
Sex: Male
Pros: Cast speed +50%
Cons: Coins can't stack
Can't re-draw hand
Unlock: Purchase

Gunslinger is a class that focuses on quick casting at the expense of choice. He cannot stack coins or redraw his hand, but in exchange has increased casting speed. The former lowers his offense quite a bit and often forces him to cast unwanted coins, but the latter synergizes well with almost any strategy. Inventory management is very important when playing as Gunslinger because it can spell the success or end of a run.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The lack of coin stacking hurts Gunslinger's offensive potential because he can never use more than one coin at once. Damage coins should still be used, but there is little incentive to carry around multiple weak coins. Strong coins should be carried instead, but Gunslinger should still prepare for sturdy enemies such as Undead and Armor.
  • Gungslinger's lack of redrawing means he should avoid having too many situational coins like Angel Charms. Gunslinger benefits most from a mix of offensive, defense, status and theft coins.
  • Coins that steal or force dropping benefit more from a speed boost than stacking, so they are effective coins for Gunslinger. Frank is one of the best deities to donate to for this reason, though a number of other deities synergize well with Gunslinger.
  • Traits or items which increase hand size are fairly helpful; Traits and items that increase stack chance and redraw speed are useless. Traits which increase hand size or lower redraw speed are good choices for Gunslinger.

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