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Sea and sky

Content on this page belongs to Sea and Sky DLC and can't be found in original game.
Hero Sprite.png Hero
Keeps used coins, gets less loot.
Sex: Female
Pros: Get back +100% of used coins.
Cons: Drop coin on steal.
Drop coin when you make enemy drop coin.
-2 Max HP
Take -100% loot from enemies.
Chests drop -67% loot.
Get back +100% of used coins.
Take 2 damage when more than 1 coin is recycled
Unlock: Unlocked instantly on purchasing the Sea and Sky DLC

The Hero will be playable in the Sea&Sky DLC only. She keeps every coin she casts, but a lot less loot will appear for her.

Developer's description [1][]

Legends speak of a ferocious Dragon who stalks the skies of the sea; those legends were made real for the Hero when one ravaged her home island and set her off on a quest to slay it. She teamed up with a couple of colorful characters, including a retired air pilot who helped her take to the skies. They followed the Dragon almost all the way to his perch before their plane fell apart and they crashed onto the island, introducing them to an entirely different adventure and a new set of evils to vanquish.

The Hero keeps every coin she casts, but a lot less loot will appear for her. She only gets take a few new coins each level, but those coins become a permanent part of her deck, which lets her build towards any strategy with a great deal of focus. In fact, she’s the Coin Crypt character whose playstyle most evokes deckbuilding. To keep her balanced, she has a lot of specific drawbacks; duplicating her coins will hurt her HP, and she will drop a coin any time she tries to steal or drop one. And because of her low coin count, she’s generally more susceptible to stealing and she has trouble affording items or deity donations. But her unprecedented ability to manage every coin and build perfect combinations makes her a joy for experts and new players alike.