Sea and sky

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50px Knight
Sex: Male
Pros: Whenever an enemy casts any coin, the Knight gets a double-use status
Cons: Whenever knight casts a coin, his cast speed is temprorary frozen
Unlock: ???

Whenever an enemy casts any coin, the Knight gets a double-use status; and whenever the Knight casts a coin on the enemy, his casting speed is temporarily frozen.

Developer's description [1][edit | edit source]

The Knight is based off of Sentry Knight, a recurring character in Tyler’s games. In the Sentry Knight games, the titular character is a fighter for good often called to defend the innocent against some looming evil. In the world of Coin Crypt, he was the first person to join the Hero on her Dragon slaying quest, providing some much-needed muscle. Not much is known about his past, but it’s clear it’s not the loot that drives him to battle the monsters and deities on the island.

Attacking pointlessly will get you quickly stunlocked and killed. As long as the Knight only casts coins that target himself he won’t incite his speed drawback, so he invites the player to play a sort of rhythmic back-and-forth combat. You’ll want to protect and buff yourself, and then strike decisively in the window just after an enemy’s cast.



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