Loonie's totem

One of the more technical deities, Loonie's coins offer primarily passive bonuses. These coins redraw often and have no effect when used, but they raise the player's stats when carried. Loonie also offers puzzle coins which are stronger the more the player has in their bag. Loonie's playstyle synergizes well with characters like Monkey and Professor because their naturally high redraw speed can mitigate the negative effects of her coins.[1]

If the player neglects donating to Loonie, however, she may grant enemies a cursed body status like the Demon has.

Coins[edit | edit source]

No. Name Icon Effect Value Cast speed
86 Recycle Token Recycle Token.png Boost Redraw Speed 25$ 0
154 Blade Puzzle Blade Puzzle.png Hit 1 for each held 10$ 2
155 Cross Puzzle Cross Puzzle.png Heal 1 for each held 10$ 2
156 Shield Puzzle Shield Puzzle.png Shield 1 for each held 10$ 1
157 Hand Puzzle Hand Puzzle.png Steal For each held 30$ 3
158 Super Blade Puzzle Super Blade Puzzle.png Hit 2 for each held 30$ 3
159 Super Cross Puzzle Super Cross Puzzle.png Heal 2 For each Held 30$ 3
160 Link Puzzle Link Puzzle.png Counts as 1/2 for other coins 10$ 1
168 Fleetfoot Token Fleetfoot Token.png +Run Speed for each held, Draws often 10$ 0
169 Vitality Coin Vitality Coin.png +1 Max HP for each Held, Draws Often 10$ 1
170 Puissapence Puissapence.png +8% attack damage for each Held, Draws Often 10$ 1
171 Caster's Coin Caster's Coin.png +5% Cast Speed for each held, Draws Often 10$ 1
172 Magic Bag Charm Magic Bag Charm.png + 8% Redraw speed of each held. 10$ 1
173 Chocolate Coin Chocolate Coin.png +2 Max HP for each held, Melts in bag 20$ 1
174 Peppermint Dime Peppermint Dime.png +15% Damage for each held, Melts in bag 20$ 1
175 Reanimation Pence Reanimation Pence.png Restores from death when in hand 60$ 1
198 Coin of Loonie Coin of Loonie.png Give 2 -HP coins 50$ 1

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Loonie is a nickname for the Canadian one dollar coin. It was a golden-colored coin introduced in 1987 which bears the image of a common loon on one side and Elizabeth II on the other.

References[edit | edit source]

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