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Monkey Sprite.png Monkey
Always uses every held coin, but casts slow
Sex: Male
Pros: Redraw speed +400%
Cons: Cast speed -20%
Unlock: Purchase

Monkey is a class with a very unusual playstyle. He casts more slowly than other characters, but redraws at quadruple speed and always casts all of the coins in his hand. Since the latter can be an advantage or drawback, Monkey can be a very difficult class to play for beginners. In order to play well as Monkey, the player must learn the effects of all the coins they carry.[1]


  • If Monkey carries lots of attack coins, he can deal damage in enormous bursts.
    • He should be cautious about carrying many slow-casting coins, though, because his effective speed is the speed of the slowest coin in his hand. If he has a 4-beat and 0-beat coin in his hand, it will take him 4-beats to cast all coins.
  • Since he often draws unneeded coins, Monkey is more likely to run out of coins than health. The player should always be patient and redraw until they see the best hand possible.
  • The player should avoid coins which they would never want to cast, even if they have high value. These include useless Cryptcoins, stat-boosting coins like Puissapence and risky coins like the Bisharp Piece. The more of these coins Monkey owns, the more difficult it will be to redraw a good hand.
  • Traits or items which alter Monkey's hand size are a bad idea—decreasing hand size lowers Monkey's cast speed, while increasing it will force Monkey to waste coins more often.