Sea and sky

Content on this page belongs to Sea and Sky DLC and can't be found in original game.
50px Necromancer
Sex: Female
Pros: Gets back previously used and dropped coins when she heals
Cons: No heal, chests drop small amount of loot
Unlock: ???

The Necromancer gets back previously used and dropped coins when she heals (but no health), which gives her a flavor somewhere between the Wizard, Templar, and some other third thing.

Developer's description [1][edit | edit source]

No magical master is complete without a rival, and for the Witch, that rival came in the form of the Necromancer, a brash and death-obsessed sorceress who learned the dark arts in parallel to the Witch’s tutelage under the Wizard. But when the Witch ditched her master, the two found they actually had quite a bit in common, and actually became great friends. So it was only natural for the Witch to invite her soul sister over to the island to join in on the chaos.

Her loot gaining stats are pretty crippled, so you’ll want to keep a steady collection of heal coins to bolster your coin collection. Where most characters in battle are generally caught between focusing on offense or defense, the Necromancer’s battles are concerned with both and ALSO her loot, since she needs to balance her use of coins in battle to restore that as well. But because she works with coins she’s already used or dropped, she has the advantage of being able to focus on a pretty tidy set of coins like the Hero or Wizard, while also being able to retain valuables that she may drop like keys.



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