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Princess Sprite.png Princess
Turns her coins into money
Sex: Female
Pros: Get gold coins each cast
Cons: Drop 2 extra coins per cast
Unlock: Midas Touch

Princess drops two coins on every cast, but also gains two Gold Doubloons. This is equivalent to converting two random coins in her coin bag to Gold Doubloons. This ability can even convert Gold Doubloons into themselves, so the more coins Princess has in her bag the less likely that useful coins will be converted.[1]


  • Gold Doubloons can be used offensively. For every stacked their power roughly sextuples, dealing dozens of damage with a stack of 3 and hundreds with a stack of 4. But with a cast speed of 4 beats, Princess must cast her stacks as early as possible to avoid enemy attacks.
    • Alternately, Princess can avoid casting Doubloons entirely and donate them to deities, spend them in shops or use them in wishing wells. With a constant supply of high-value coins, Princess can offset her meager supply of useful coins with stat-boosting items from shops.
  • Early on, Princess should spend her gold coins often, since they can clutter her hand. Combat should be avoided in the first few levels, as useful coins will be converted while fighting enemies. Deities should be donated to, and useful items bought immediately. Useful coins should not be spent and the value should be ignored when picking coins from chests.
    • Later in the game, the deities will increase the number and quality of coins in chests, so running out of useful coins will become less of an issue. Enemies can be fought more often at this point, which in turn will give Princess more gold and more donations.
  • Deities donated to will show up more often in levels, so they should be chosen carefully. The player should keep track of early donations and be positive it is the deity they want.
    • Bullion and Sacagawea are good choices since they offer strong, slow-casting coins which will keep Princes from triggering her ability too often. Bullion also offers useful coins which draw often while Sacagawea offers the Irongrip Pence.
  • Since Princess constantly drops coins, she greatly benefits from the Irongrip Pence, Goodluck Token and traits which damage enemies when her bag is tampered. Capitalist Punishment is also effective since she always has lots of money.
    • In addition, Princess benefits tremendously from increased hand size and redraw speed. Early on, she will constantly redraw useless coins and these traits can mitigate that. Until these traits are found, coins that draw often should be avoided. Conversely, Bullion's coins that draw often are quite useful for a struggling Princess.



  • Princess' color scheme and design may be a direct reference to Princess Peach.