Professor Sprite.png Professor
Can re-draw coins instantly, but coins don't stack
Sex: Male
Pros: Take 1 more coin(s) from chests
Redraw speed +infinity%
Cons: Coins can't stack
Unlock: Anthropologist

Professor is a versatile class who benefits from carrying a variety of coins. He cannot draw stacks of coins, reducing his offensive power a bit, but in exchange he can instantly redraw his hand until he finds a desirable coin. He may also take 1 more coin from each chest he opens, which helps him further diversify his coin bag.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Coins that draw often pose little threat to Professor since he can redraw as much as he'd like. Early on, the player should focus on finding Vitality Coins and Casters Coins. Later, they should focus on finding Puissapence up to a maximum of ten.
  • Since Professor cannot draw stacks, there is little incentive to carry many of the same coin. Variety should be focused on instead, with risky coins and status buffs taking a higher priority than for other characters.
  • Professor can redraw instantly, but this does not mean he can dependably draw one or two coins his bag. This especially applies to situational coins such as the Angel Charm, Devil's Dollar or other healing coins. They can only be drawn reliably if many are found.

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