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Sacagawea's statue

The most defensive of the deities, Sacagawea has a sphere of influence over defensive and healing coins. If the player donates to her, they will earn coins which help them extend battles and slowly wittle down even the toughest of enemies. Her playstyle suits characters which benefit from stalling tactics such as Demon and Shroud.[1]

If the player neglects donating to her, Sacagawea can grant enemies a regen status.


No. Name Icon Effect Value Cast speed
10 Aphrodite Chip Aphrodite Chip.png Regenerate HP 30$ 2
11 Tendril Chip Tendril Chip.png Poison enemy 25$ 2
21 Angel Charm Angel Charm.png Heal status 20$ 0
24 Bugbite Chip Bugbite Chip.png Hit 2, Heal 1 10$ 1
25 Bat Pence Bat Pence.png Hit 3, heal 2 25$ 2
45 Magic Token Magic Token.png Heal 2, Speed up 10$ 1
47 Protect Juju Protect Juju.png Shield 3, speed up 10$ 1
69 Armor Token Armor Token.png Shield 8, slow self 20$ 1
95 Tick-tock Token Tick-tock Token.png Hit 15 after time 35$ 0
98 Angel Wing Angel Wing.png Protects status 30$ 1
102 Irongrip Pence Irongrip Pence.png Protects Coins 30$ 2
109 Split Piece Split Piece.png Averages the target and users' HP 20$ 2
110 Vigor Chip Vigor Chip.png Hit Equals User HP 20$ 2
114 Moss Piece Moss Piece.png Heal and shield 4 25$ 2
169 Vitality Coin Vitality Coin.png +1 Max HP for each Held, Draws Often 10$ 1
175 Reanimation Pence Reanimation Pence.png Restores from death when in hand 60$ 1
185 Nature Rune Nature Rune.png Hit 8 after time 20$ 0
195 Coin of Sacagawea Coin of Sacagawea.png Sap enemy HP and regenerate 50$ 2


  • Sacagawea's name and design are a direct reference to the real-life Sacagawea, a Native American who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition. In most depictions, she is shown as a benevolent woman closely associated with nature. She was depicted on a dollar coin minted by the United States Government in the early 2000s.