Shroud Sprite.png Shroud
Gets no treasure from chests, but saps enemy coins
Sex: Other
Pros: Permanent coin absorption status
Take +100% loot from enemies
Cons: Chests drop -100% loot
Unlock: Purchase

Shroud is a class that completely relies on enemies for coins. Every time Shroud is hit with an enemy coin, they will absorb that coin after they receive its effect. In addition, Shroud earns double the normal amount of coins at the end of every battle and cannot take coins from chests under normal conditions. For the player to succeed when playing Shroud, they need to have a strong grasp on the battle mechanics of Coin Crypt.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • While some classes benefit from avoiding battles, Shroud will often make a profit from each. Shroud should battle every enemy seen granted they have enough coins. It is important to note that if Shroud kills an enemy, they will gain twice as many coins than if they had been hit by those coins.
  • Shroud's main disadvantage is that it has a very difficult time finding shielding and healing coins. These coins are mainly found in chests, so Shroud will have to rely on wishing wells and other sources of coins to keep its health up. If Shroud finds enemies with such coins, it should fight those enemies whenever possible.
    • Traits that let Shroud regenerate after damage are useful as well, as this synergizes well with Shroud's absorption status.
  • Since Shroud cannot take coins from chests under normal circumstances, traits which decrease loot from chests are effectively free and the time limit penalty is less imposing than usual.
  • After donating to deities, however, coins will begin to appear in chests. This is because Shroud's -100% chest status is a flat rate and after a chest is blessed with coins it will carry more than the normal 100%. The coins that appear in these chests are only the ones granted by deities.
  • Shroud has little incentive to enter the Underworld since it cannot take advantage of the chests in secret rooms. It can, however, find more powerful coins on enemies which may make the risk work it.

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