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Templar Sprite.png Templar
Powers up by healing
Sex: Female
Pros: Healing powers you up
Cons: Damage -67%
-4 Max HP
Unlock: Purchase

Templar is one of the more difficult classes in Coin Crypt. She deals very little damage under normal conditions, but she can deal far more by using healing coins. In order to deal damage, she must constantly balance her supply of healing and offensive coins. Because of this, she is one of the more technical classes to manage.[1]


  • Stacks of weak healing coins and strong healing coins like the Icarus Penny are the best way to gain damage boosts for longer periods of time. Templar should not worry about wasting the former since she will usually be killing most enemies in one or two attacks.
  • At all times, Templar should seek traits and items that increase her healing ability, status potency and status lifetime. All of these traits affect her damage boosts and are far more effective than a direct boost to damage.
    • That being said, Templar should avoid any trait which would lower her damage since a further 20% drop would cut her damage in half.
  • Since Templar's biggest concern is the number of useful coins she is carrying, Bullion is her best candidate for offerings. He offers powerful healing coins like the Super Cross and offensive coins for her to use.
    • Kaichin is also a good choice since self-damaging coins mean very little compared to their high damage output.
    • Conversely, the numerous small heals from Sacagawea's coins will do almost nothing for Templar and Ouguiya offers no healing coins at all.