Thief Sprite.png Thief
Get more loot, but less health
Sex: Female
Pros: Take +25% loot from enemies
Chests drop +25% loot
Cons: -4 Max HP
Unlock: Purchase

Thief is a moderately difficult character centered around obtaining more coins. She recieves more coins after battles and can find more coins in chests, but only has a 6 Max HP. Because of this, she risks running out of HP sooner than running out of coins.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Vitality Coins are a high priority for Thief because many common coins can kill her at full health. If Thief can obtain at least one Vitality Coin, she can survive a Farmer Piece without a shield. Vitality Coins can be found in secret rooms so keys should be used to access those instead of normal locked rooms.
  • It is advisable to donate to Loonie or Sacagawea while playing as Thief. They can bless chests with Vitality Coins and many of their coins synergize well with her. Loonie's coins will play to Thief's strengths and Sacagawea's coins will help her survive stronger hits.
  • While not as effective for other characters, ghost traits that increase Thief's HP will greatly improve her chances for survival.

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