Vampire Sprite.png Vampire
Constantly dying, sucks health from enemies
Sex: Male
Pros: Restore +50% of damage dealt
Cons: Permanent poison status
Unlock: Purchase

Vampire, like Ghost, is a class that plays with a constant sense of urgency. He constantly looses health in-battle, but can gain more back by attacking foes. For every 2 damage dealt, Vampire will gain 1 HP. Because of this, Vampire will often play very offensively in favor of using healing or shielding coins.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Vampire should stock and use attack coins whenever possible. As long as he is constantly attacking, he can replace damage taken from enemies and his poison status. If he cannot attack, shielding coins are superior to healing coins because of their faster cast time. Coins that deal damage on hit are better than normal attack coins while coins that deal damage to Vampire can be risky.
  • Vampire's biggest threats are defensive enemies (especially Armor and Undead) since they will hinder his ability to heal. Enemies which poison Vampire and those which block healing (like Cardinals) are dangerous as well.
  • Vampire's ability is affected by healing traits and items, but only after at least a 30% increase. Vampire's ability is affected by damage modifiers as well, which are more reliable. Attacking for more health than an enemy has still heals you the full amount.
  • Joker Tokens are great for emergencies since they turn Vampire's poison into regeneration on top of defending him from incoming attacks. Vampire must be wary, though, since his life-stealing effect will damage him as long as the Joker Token is active.

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