Sea and sky

Content on this page belongs to Sea and Sky DLC and can't be found in original game.
Warlock Sprite.png Warlock
Poison hits, enemy statuses stay between fights.
Sex: Male
Pros: Enemy status effects stay between fights
Deal +167% damage as poison.
Cons: -100% damage.
Unlock: Dark Mage

Instead of dealing damage, the Warlock’s attacks hit his enemies with poison. And when the Warlock is in play, enemy status effects stay between fights.

Developer's description [1][edit | edit source]

A dark, brooding spellcaster whose soul has long since succumbed to darkness. His sister the Templar chose the path of worship and love, which is shocking when you see how far he veered against that path. And while the Templar seeks to destroy the deities and bring justice to the heavens, the Warlock appeared on the island because he wishes to be the deities’ highest priest. They both would deny that sibling rivalry has anything to do with it, but it’s hard not to see… The strength of his poison scales very well with the power of the coins he uses, so that in the long run he actually gets more damage for his dollar than any other character. However, unless you have many poisons layered, dealing that damage takes time during which enemies can still cast coins and even run out of money. Playing the Warlock invites the player to keep track of the enemy status; in your first battle against an enemy on any floor, you could cast enough poison to deplete the HP from every subsequent encounter. Experimental Warlocks can stack debuffs like Speed-downs on enemies and control their next battle before it happens. He just has to watch out for enemies who come with a starting status effect like shields, since those will carry between fights as well.



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