Witch Sprite.png Witch
Double-uses every coin, but drops one too
Sex: Female
Pros: All coins used x2
Cons: Drop 1 extra coin per cast
Unlock: Purchase

Whenever Witch casts a coin it has twice the normal effect. However, for every coin used, the Witch drops a random one from her bag. This brings her to a total of 2 lost coins, but lets her cast coins at twice the speed the speed of other characters.[1]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Witch should focus on casting as few coins as possible. Every coin casted forces her to drop one, so using strong coins like Red Blades, Blue Crosses and Jade Shields will minimize the coins she will drop.
  • Status coins like Tendril Chips and Rune Tokens are especially potent for the Witch since their effect is stacked. On the other hand, Aphrodite Chips are very wasteful because they will usually heal Witch far more than she needs.
  • Witch's drawback can benefit or harm you depending on what is in your bag. If your coin bag is full of unwanted coins like Bramble Pieces or Enervation Chips, she will naturally drop them as she fights. But if Witch's bag is full of very expensive or useful coins, she runs the risk of dropping those.
  • If Witch finds very valuable coins like Key Coins or Gold Doubloons, she should avoid battles until she can use them. If she enters a battle, she could possibly drop them while fighting.

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