Coin Crypt Wiki
Wizard Sprite.png Wizard
Gains 2 copies of every used coin, but drops an additional 2
Sex: Male
Pros: Get back +200% of used coins
Cons: Drop 2 extra coins per cast
Unlock: Purchase

The easiest class to use in Coin Crypt, Wizard is well-suited for beginners. He drops 2 random coins every time he casts one, but gains two of the coin he just casted. This results in a net loss of one coin and a random coin from his bag being converted into the coin just casted.[1]


  • The simplest strategy for Wizard is to use exclusively one coin and slowly convert his entire coin bag into stacks of that coin. Good candidates for this strategy are the Bat Pence and Bugbite Chip, since they will allow him to simultaneously deal damage and heal.
    • Alternately, Wizard can focus on building up stacks of strong offensive coins and using traits or items to heal when he deals damage.
  • Since Wizard gains more of coins he uses, it is ideal to use the strongest coins he has available to make more of them. Since he drops coins very often, saving strong coins for later is difficult, if not impossible to do.
  • Like with other coin-dropping classes like Witch and Ghost, Wizard should spend valuable Key Coins and Gold Doubloons the moment he finds them. Otherwise, he is liable to drop them the next time he enters combat.
  • Another strategy is to heavily worship Loonie and pick two or three puzzle coins to focus on. The more these coins are used, the more Wizard will gain and the more effective they will become. This strategy is difficult to set up, but has little downsizes once it is managed.
  • If he is not going for exclusively one coin, Wizard should pay close attention to his coin bag between battles. If he focuses too much on offensive of defensive coins, he can run out of the other.